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Should the ISO expel Jesse Sharkey?

UPDATE: 4/10/2015 A Black woman said “Fuck the Police” at a CTU rally for which she came under widespread attacks and even death threats. Rather than stand up for her, Jesse distanced himself and the union from her comments. This … Continue reading

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November 2014: From election to rebellion

by Scott Jay Every two to four years, we are told by the Democratic Party hangers-on that we are in the midst of the most important election of our life times. In cities like San Francisco and Chicago, which hold … Continue reading

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Throwing the cog-wheel into reverse

There is a metaphor described by Leon Trotsky of a socialist organization being one cog in a much larger machine and how it must fit into an appropriately larger (but not too much larger) cog in order to be affective. … Continue reading

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An apology to SEIU Local 1021 members

In response to an article on this blog about his involvement in San Francisco pension reform, Larry Bradshaw makes a number of claims, some of which would have been nice for everybody to know three years ago, while others are … Continue reading

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The ISO and the Democrats: Hear no evil, see no evil

If there is one issue on which the International Socialist Organization (ISO) has held steadfast over the years, it is opposition to the Democratic Party. The ISO has never once endorsed a Democrat for election and has always described the … Continue reading

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The ISO, SEIU and the billion dollar pay cut

The International Socialist Organization (ISO) is the largest revolutionary socialist group in the US. With a history of organizing on campuses, the last decade has seen the ISO play an ever more prominent role in the labor movement, especially in … Continue reading

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Lawrence & Wishart and “institutional suicide”

by Scott Jay In recent weeks, Lawrence & Wishart (L&W), a British publishing house long associated with the Communist Party of Great Britain, has asked the Marxist Internet Archive (MIA) to take down material from their version of the first … Continue reading

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