An apology to SEIU Local 1021 members

heltonIn response to an article on this blog about his involvement in San Francisco pension reform, Larry Bradshaw makes a number of claims, some of which would have been nice for everybody to know three years ago, while others are verifiably false. They will not be dealt with here. If anybody wants to dredge through the many thousands of words that he and I wrote with a fine tooth comb, they are welcome to verify these discrepancies for themselves.

However, there is one quite unusual comment that he makes when he states that “I believe Scott owes the membership of 1021 an apology.”

You might think that I am responsible for helping Ed Lee cut a billion dollars in wages from his members. He is welcome to correct the record, but I do not think that is the case. This is a typical response to criticism on the Left–the problem is not carrying out disastrous strategies in the labor movement, rather the problem is suggesting that somebody screwed up as royally as I believe he did. I am obviously a scoundrel and a sectarian for even thinking such a thing.

For now I will leave it at that, on the topic of Prop C anyway. If anybody really wonders who owes whom an apology, I recommend, rather than read another lengthy blog post, that they listen to the members themselves, workers and retirees, who actively opposed Prop C. There are even, perhaps surprisingly, other elected union officials who, unlike Larry, found that it was possible to publicly oppose Prop C. As retirees were left out of the negotiations, their union (a section of 1021) opposed the resulting measure that Bradshaw agreed to and the retirees’ elected leadership campaigned against it.

These are among the very people the labor Left ought to be engaging and organizing rather than ignoring and dismissing. Their anger over Prop C, including their comments about Larry Bradshaw’s role in it, says far more about this issue than either of our overly long articles possibly could.

SF City workers and retirees rally against the pension reform negotiations at SF General Hospital after retirees were left out of the negotiations.

Kathy Helton, SF City worker and member of 1021. Skip to 12:18 to hear her comments on having her concerns ingnored by Larry Bradshaw. “That’s not democracy.”

Kay Walker, SEIU 1021 VP (retirees chapter), on the retirees being shut out of the negotiations. See 5:35 for her comments about Larry and how he “caved in,” as well as a back-and-forth between her and another speaker about whether he would ever have accepted retiree participation.

Former 1021 retirees President Bea Cardenas-Duncan on the disrespect shown to retirees during the entire process by members of the Board of Supervisors and others, also mentioning the role Kay Walker played in contradicting Larry’s statements to the members about Prop C (9:40).

More from Kathy Helton and fellow City/County worker Alyse Ceriante on Prop C.

SF Muni (bus and subway) operator Dorian Maxwell on Prop C and other issues.

Prop C campaign launch with the Mayor and Board of Supervisors, pitching the initiative as being “pro-union,” alongside SF Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson. Workers opposed to Prop C rally outside.

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